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"None So Vile"  


Cryptopsy - None So Vile

Out of Montreal Canada, and consisting of vocalist Lord Worm, guitarist Jon Levasseur, bassist Eric Langlois, and drummer Flo Mounier, this album was released on Sweden's Wrong Again Records in 1996.

This album is simply; "the fucking masterpiece" to say the least. What we have here is a near-perfect blend of brutality, technicality, song structure, and atmosphere. There are few albums as sickening, as vile, as hate-filled as Cryptopsy's sophomore effort.

"None So Vile" was the first Cryptopsy album to feature bassist Eric Langlois, and the last to feature lead vocalist Lord Worm until his return on the "Once Was Not" album, the fifth album by this Canadian technical death metal band.

"None So Vile" took the extreme and technical elements of speed and death metal and merged them and is now considered a benchmark of the "technical death" metal sub-genre.

The riffs vary from extremely technical ("Crown of Horns"), to more grind-core oriented ("Dead and Dripping"), to more standard death metal ("Graves of the Fathers"), to melodic and beautiful, ("Phobophile").

The lyrics reek of vehement hatred for Christianity, but never reach the point of insincerity like some hardcore band's lyrics do.

Here they could be best described as demented poetry due to the free-form style in which they are written and performed. Nonetheless, deliberately disturbing and violent in subject matter.

Here is a small section of the lyrics of "Crown of Horns", the opening track:

"Sire of sin,
You embody me
To you we congregate;
None so vile,
Your magnificent
Crown of horns
Inspires deeds maleficent.

Destroy the parasite [x3],
Destroy Jesus Christ.

They'll crawl in their perdition,
The righteous will be lost
Where gutted angels lie fucked...
Beneath the funeral cross;
We'll dig them a mass grave soon,
And bring to their knees
Those who would have rescinded
The laws of disease."

I usually ignore the majority of speed and death metal lyrics, (Slayer/Metallica/Megadeth excepted), because I only need the syllabic content to power the musical experience and set the scene in my mind's imagination.

But disregarding these lyrics would count as a crime in my book.

I remember hearing a rumor that Lord Worm was drunk when they recorded the vocals and he growled and screamed improvising lyrics along to the music, completely forgetting the original lyrics.

Well it worked out either way, and they still provide for a good read.

The vocal performance on "None So Vile" truly is one of the most superb in hardcore metal. The syllabic grunts and passion could not be more accurate.

The description that suits Lord Worm the lead singer is "king of inhuman bellowing".

His screams, which are used sparingly, sound as if he is being butchered alive. Each Mastiff-like dog bark and guttural grunt fits extremely well with the rhythm and the hateful atmosphere of the music.

Speaking of the music, the musicianship is nothing short of stellar. Guitarist John Levasseur often alternates between pummeling grooves and frantic technical riffs, all of which are memorable.

The guitar solos are quite melodic, and contrasting to the stoic intensity of the riffs. This is thoughtfully constructed guitar work. Practically every riff and solo on this album sounds original.

The technicality of the bass matches the lead guitars. Bassist √Čric Langlois is relentlessly plucking away in the background and thankfully, the bass is clearly audible in the mix.

In addition, the drummer is equally up to the task. Veteran drummer Flo Mounier delivers a crushing performance on "None So Vile", ridiculously fast yet meticulously precise.

The double bass drummer's "machine gun" blast beats are furious, yet kept to a minimum, with even more creative beats and fills being used instead.

Flo throws in short, quick rests in his drumming before going all out again, under scoring the jolting, arresting, and sporadic nature of the lyrics and vocal performance.

The musicianship and the vocals come together splendidly to produce one of the most demented-sounding, nefarious, sinister death metal albums ever.

"Technical death metal" is usually criticized for lacking "soul" or atmosphere, but this is not the case on "None So Vile".

This album radiates a shining glow of intense hatred and malice.

32 minutes of brutal pounding without mercy.

One of the greatest albums in the technical death sub-genre and anyone who considers themselves a fan of extreme, hardcore music will enjoy this disc forever.

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