Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ISR Slayer - "Live at the Dynamo 1985" (Full Concert)

Slayer - Live at the Dynamo Club, in Eindhoven, Netherlands on May 28, 1985.


[0:00 Start] 1:50 - Hell Awaits 7:27 - Aggressive Perfector 10:10 - Captor Of Sin 14:09 - Praise Of Death 19:45 - Haunting The Chapel 23:43 - Final Command 26:36 - Crypts Of Eternity 33:55 - Necrophiliac 37:46 - Black Magic 41:24 - Die By The Sword 46:00 - Hardening Of The Arteries 48:56 - Fight Till Death 52:33 - The Antichrist 56:14 - At Dawn They Sleep 1:01:44 - Drum Solo 1:02:34 - Show No Mercy 1:09:02 - Evil Has No Boundaries 1:11:57 - Chemical Warfare 1:23:24 - Kill Again

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